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Beyond the Unconscious Membership/Community

Welcome to this self-guided library of meditations, hypnotic tracks, and deep trances that allow you to make personalized changes on your own time. 

You may find several favorite tracks or wish to listen to them all, whatever you decide, know that this is a place where you can be safe to change and enjoy, I mean really enjoy, that change along the way.

You are not alone, come join us and receive...

  • 1 Virtual Personal Hypnotherapy Session allows you to stay focused on your big goals and life events so you can receive all you desire.  
  • Daily Inspiration through the UnconsciousU Program. This is self-paced learning to shift your perception and encourage a life lived by design and not by default. Through simple step-by-step guidance, you can learn tools, strategies, and methods to support you in living a more fulfilled, joyful, and aligned life. This course is designed to support you in becoming the very best version of yourself with clarity, confidence, and commitment to always be improving. 


Mindfulness Meditations
Hypnotic Experiences


What People Are Saying:

"Jessica Shada is incredibly talented! She has already helped me improve several areas that I wanted to work on. I highly recommend her hypnotherapy sessions. She is professional and very talented, and most of all I trust her completely!"


Jessica is intuitive, compassionate, and very skilled. She seems to know exactly what it is that I need in every session, but never fails to ask me at the start of each session. Each week, I marvel at the calm I am able to achieve during and after our session and wish I had begun this process sooner. I recommend Jessica to everyone. Her approach is down to earth and relatable, despite her clear skills and experience. I look forward to every session and how I feel afterward.

Jacky H.

Working with Jessica has been a game changer for me. We hit the ground running right from the start, and I continue to be supported, empowered and loved ever since. Jessica has an amazing ability to truly hear my needs, even when I am uncertain of them at first. Her calm and charismatic approach helps me breathe when I feel overwhelmed. She provides heartfelt and thoughtful feedback that is purposeful and supportive, which has helped me reach new levels. Since working together, I am able to make clear and confident decisions, even when things seem complicated. I highly recommend working with Jessica.

Amanda H.

Jessica is a powerhouse. She brings fine eyes, ears, and intuition to clients. She helped me to get more laser-focused on my business and the purpose I serve through it. Her framing of what I shared landed with me deeply and helped me to refresh and create a powerful clearing from which to act. Sometimes we hear the same things over and over again, only to have needed to have heard them in a specific way to truly land.

Marina H.

An above and beyond collaborative partner, Jessica maintains a professional attitude while paying personal attention to your individual needs. Efficient and assertive when need be, Jessica always puts your needs as the client first. Let her help you help yourself towards a more secure future.

Samantha S.

Working with Jessica was really helpful. She is highly skilled, present, focused, intuitive, and clearly has done a lot of her own work so she is able to flow with what the client needs on that day.

Janet H.

Jessica really changed my life! Our coaching conversation pulled me out of a dark period and gave me choices when I felt I had none. I am the most content I have been in ages filled with gratitude. Even though my situation is the same the shift has been reaching for behaviors to trigger how I want to feel. I can't thank Jessica enough, she is a true lightworker. So incredibly grateful!

Liz W.