Astrology is a personal map, of the alignment of the planets and how they can impact our daily lives. This insight can reveal your profound strengths, illuminate any life challenges, provide reasons for why you are the way you are, and show you lessons you will learn and opportunities for soul growth.

The goal of any Astrologer is to paint a picture that will help open your eyes to what the stars had to say.

You will receive:

  • The full astrology course with additional affirmations, meditations, and hypnosis tracks that correspond to the stars.
  • You will also receive a private one-on-one session where we dive deep into the starts for you personally. 

This is lifetime access to the course and you will love learning more about yourself and your path ahead.

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What People Are Saying:

Wow, did I ever have a great Natal Chart Reading with Jessica! I absolutely loved it! I sure learned that there is much, MUCH more to our planetary influences than I ever knew before. Things Jessica told me about Modes, Elements, Aspects, Trines, Sextiles, etc, etc was really neat. I had no idea that so many things about me and my personality, behaviors, and even my thought processes, were caused by/influenced by the day and time I was born, and my planets. It actually helped me understand a little deeper, why I tend to do some things the way I do. Having some explanations is really helpful because otherwise I just think something is wrong with me most of the time since I'm so different from other people I know! Jessica also offered to help me craft some intentions and a hypnotic recording based on some of this information. I have so much to think about!! If you have any interest in having her read your natal chart, don't hesitate. The information will really be unique to you. Thanks again, Jessica!! I will be listening to the recording many more times and going over the notes and chart you provided.