Balanced Body Weight

Struggling to release some excess weight?

Feeling sluggish or overwhelmed with dieting and workout plans?

Not motivated and tired of always having the weight of the world on your shoulders?

You’re not alone, weight challenges affect every aspect of your life from mood to sociability to confidence and motivation. The truth is…it’s not your fault!

Let me say that again…it’s not your fault. 

Your unconscious mind has patterns and behaviors that may be hindering more than helping you. In fact, you can be doing EVERYTHING RIGHT and still not seeing the progress you desire. That’s because your unconscious mind makes up about 88% of your total mind power. That means that 12% is your logic, reasoning, and yes even willpower (you know that thing that is never there when you need it!)

That's why hypnosis is an effective method to support you in finding balance and finally letting go of those unwanted extra pounds.

This Course Includes:

  • Several pre-recorded hypnosis tracks including ones for letting go, moving more, becoming motivated, working out, eating in a way that is just right for your body type, and more.
  • A personal one-on-one personal hypnosis session to support you in finding the answers you need to permanently and completely release the weight and rebalance your body.

So when you’re ready to really let go and release that exes weight then let’s work together to get your unconscious mind on board as well. 

Because let’s be honest, you’re tired of being so tired all the time. You just want to have energy again and move with ease. You just want your plan to work and to see the results. You just want to go shopping and not feel discouraged, or walking and not run out of breath. You want to be in the driver's seat, so let’s get you there!

Join me in this weight-balancing program and not only learn tools for success but reprogram your mind to be on your side and working for not against you.