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The Unconscious Author Incubator

Have you ever considered writing a book but feel overwhelmed with the "how"?

I have a confession, I NEVER wanted to write a book...for me, my personal self-image wasn't worthy of being a published author, YIKES, try that on for size!

I had so many narratives:

  • I had severe dyslexia as a child and I can't write...
  • There are so many other "experts" out there who know far more than I do...
  • I don't have the time nor the discipline to write a book...
  • Who would read a book I wrote anyway...

Just to name a few, in fact, I bet similar thoughts may have crossed your mind already just after clicking on this page. While let me tell you something amazing...

Once I upgraded my personal image and had my step-by-step blueprint laid out on the "how" I was going to write a book, I became unstoppable and went on to write not 1 but 3 books in just 6 short months!

And this, this is just the beginning...

You see, once you have a system and the unconscious is on board with, (and helping you create, the image of you being a published author) then the sky truly is the limit. 

Is the fire lit yet?

If you answered with a resounding YES, but that little voice creeps in to say, "Ok, but now what?"

Through my coaching practice over the years, I have found that there are four big roadblocks right out of the gate.

1. The first was my big one, self-image. Seeing yourself as the expert you are and owning that expertise can be harder than you think but easier than you can image. I'll show you exactly how to build that confidence consciously and unconsciously so you can succeed and feel great about the process every step of the way.

2. The second is the book title and subtitle. This can really stump some amazing and intelligent women. Sometimes you land on a great title but then your content isn't in line with it or your friend hears the title and tells you how awful they think it is, (some friend right)  and the next thing you know the air has left your sails and it's over before it's begun. There is a very easy way to handle this obstacle and once you learn it you will be able to use it over and over again with titles of future books, eBooks, blog posts, product names, and even email subject lines. Anytime you need to come up with a great informative title you will be able to. Let's be honest that alone is worth your time and investment!

3. I have also found that people struggle with the layout and formatting of their books. This is similar to the last point and with a step-by-step process, you'll get a buffet of options that will help you choose the best outline that fits your style and content and be off to the races.

4. Finally, it's the bio, yes the bio... how to brag about yourself in a really great professional yet personal and authentic way. You'll find that writing a great bio will get you so much farther with interviews, podcasts, publishers, and even on TV and the bestseller list. While these last aspects go beyond what we'll cover in this course it's important to note just how crucial this groundwork is for you to use this book in many ways throughout your life and business.

Once you have this blueprint you will be ready to write and publish with even more enthusiasm and confidence.

I do want you to know that all of this is easy you just need to be shown how. What I really want you to know is that all this is actually FUN, so let's dive in and get you the support, structure, and community you need to successfully publish your book this year!

See you on the inside,

Lots of Love,


In The Unconscious Author Incubator Program you will get...

The complete layout to BUILDING YOUR BOOK BLUEPRINT. This is a step-by-step practical "how to" framework to great your book from idea to publication. It includes all of the following with downloadable worksheets and videos to guide you in getting the clarity you need to have a fantastic blueprint as you move to the writing section of this course.


  • Setting a book goal
  • Finding your book muse
  • Creating a hook
  • Crafting an outstanding title and subtitle
  • Writing a killer book description and author bio
  • Getting clear about your layout and structure
  • Writing your book introduction
  • Creating a writing plan you can stick to which allows you to take inspired action each week
  • How to self publish your book for under $100

Tapping into the UNCONSCIOUS AUTHOR. Throughout this course we will be tapping into your unconscious to provide motivation, creativity, and connection to your divine for inspiration to come forth as you write. This is done through guided meditation, hypnosis, and many other modalities that will allow you to step into your mastery and become the best version of yourself as a writer. All of this is delivered in a way that holds you lovingly, yet not leniently, accountable to your goal.

Plus many bonuses along the way...


Ultimately this book is about YOU and your vision and desire. This program is meant to support your distractible nature, keep you on track, motivated, and cheer you along this beautiful and life-changing journey culminating in the publishing of your very own book! 


Enjoy the ride...

What People Are Saying:

Working with Jessica has been a game changer for me. We hit the ground running right from the start, and I continue to be supported, empowered and loved ever since. Jessica has an amazing ability to truly hear my needs, even when I am uncertain of them at first. Her calm and charismatic approach helps me breathe when I feel overwhelmed. She provides heartfelt and thoughtful feedback that is purposeful and supportive, which has helped me reach new levels. Since working together, I am able to make clear and confident decisions, even when things seem complicated. I highly recommend working with Jessica.

Amanda H.

Jessica really changed my life! Our coaching conversation pulled me out of a dark period and gave me choices when I felt I had none. I am the most content I have been in ages filled with gratitude. Even though my situation is the same the shift has been reaching for behaviors to trigger how I want to feel. I can't thank Jessica enough, she is a true lightworker. So incredibly grateful!

Liz W.

Jessica is very intuitive, smart, and has great common sense, she is practical, considerate, and detail aware. She communicates easily with people from different backgrounds and beliefs than hers. As a business person, she is precise and has great integrity in everything she does. She is a true pleasure to work with!

Mary S.

An above and beyond collaborative partner, Jessica maintains a professional attitude while paying personal attention to your individual needs. Efficient and assertive when need be, Jessica always puts your needs as the client first. Let her help you help yourself towards a more secure future.

Samantha S.