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Jessica Shada


I must admit that my "out of the box" thinking and creativity are the cornerstones of my success in life. I have the unique ability to see big goals and visions and break them down into daily habits and behaviors. I am most impacted by nurturing and connecting with individuals and groups, supporting them to get out of their own way and create new results and a greater impact in the world. With a fierce passion for continuously learning and growing, my experience of programs, masterminds, and techniques is all-encompassing bringing decades of first-hand experience into my own coaching and Hypnotherapy practice. I have been told that my compassion is boundless, my questions insightful, and my ability to hold space and listen profound; which I feel is the ultimate compliment and praise.

I jokingly say that I have been manifesting since the womb. (It's a joke because I believe we all manifested our way into life.)

My upbringing was what many would call "untraditional" and I have always been a natural-born leader and coach. My parents were/are very much into "new age thinking" and this was part of everyday conversations and experiences growing up.

On my 7th birthday, I desperately wanted a horse (what little girl doesn't); instead, understandably, my parents gave me a stuffed animal and a magic wand and said that I had the power to "manifest anything I wanted into existence". So the willful (and a bit stubborn) Taurus in me, shut my eyes tight. With all the belief of invincibility, I raised my new magic wand and shouted "Universe, I want a horse...A REAL HORSE!" At that exact moment there were thundering hooves as, I kid you not, 7 horses flooded into the previously uninhabited field behind our home!!!

This experience gave me the tangible feeling of receiving my desires and I continue to use this same process to manifest everything in my life, from my first home in Vail, CO at 22 years old, ideal jobs/careers, unbelievable vacations, amazing partners and pets, and so much more. I also know the deep pain and challenge of being completely cut off and disconnected from source energy and your authentic self. I have experienced many challenging, "human experiences” that have taught me just how difficult it is to maintain faith in the darkest of moments; while also giving me a profound appreciation of the power of influence positive and negative, and how it directly impacts every aspect of our energy, flow, and ability to manifest our dreams and desires. I truly believe, that having the right, supportive people around you that believe in you, is absolutely critical and is the only way to expand the immense light of pure positive creation and joy that is our “true nature.”

I have been coaching for two decades and continue to expand daily knowing that life is the ultimate personal growth journey. My mission is to create safe spaces for individuals and groups to gain clarity, instill unshakable core confidence, and change conscious and unconscious patterns. Allowing them to shift their perspective, get out of their own way, and create new results, so they can effortlessly achieve their dreams/desires, ultimately having a greater impact on the world!

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