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Welcome to the UnconsciousU Membership Program and Community, I'm so happy you are here!

Let's dive a little deeper into what exactly you will receive when you decide to join us within the UnconsciousU Program. The UnconsciousU Program is designed to give you the support you need. 

  • Live Personal Hypnotherapy Session
  • An Expansive Self-Guided Learning Library of Meditations and Hypnotic Tracks

This allows you to make personalized changes on your own time. You may find several favorite tracks or wish to listen to them all, whatever you decide, know that this is a place where you can be safe to change and enjoy, I mean really enjoy, that change along the way.

The following is a Hypnotic Audio Track, do not listen to this track while driving or doing anything else that requires your full attention. Music: Breathing Light and Babbling Brooke - by Christopher Lloyd Clarke - Licensed by Enlightened Audio

Before we dive into the details of the UnconsciousU membership program and community...let me be completely honest with you...I'm not everybody's cup of tea. So, let's see if we are a good match. Join me as I take you on a Hypnotic Journey and enjoy a Beach Vacation so you can "see behind the curtain" and make sure you like my style!

Beach Vacation - Hypnotic Experience

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Creating Structure For Your Nature


Surround yourself with amazing, conscious, ever-expanding people. Who sees you for who you really are and who you are becoming. We need a safe place to authentically be ourselves to share what’s going GREAT (big wins) and what’s NOT going great (a soft place to land when we need it). Because, in order to thrive while maintaining confidence, it is crucial to live in a like-minded community.


Learning and always improving is a foundational leg to success, together, we can expand and evolve our awareness. Through self-discovery, you can embrace your unique brilliance, show up in the world, and be the most powerful, authentic, and amazing person you are! This is your roadmap to support you through life as you continue to grow and evolve. I know that as you connect more deeply to yourself and walk the walk you will have a greater impact on the world around you and connect with others in a truly meaningful way!


The only constant in life is the constant of change. So let’s utilize that change to evolve into that next expression of who we are meant to be in this lifetime. Receive individualized guidance within a group setting for your unique situation. This is a chance to normalize the challenges of life yet also individualize your personal experience and reaction to it

It's time to get the structure for your nature with the community, learning, and change work you need to thrive!

Inspiration changes through the UnconsciousU Program

This is self-paced learning to shift your perception and encourage a life lived by design and not by default. Through a simple step-by-step guide, you can learn tools, strategies, and methods to support you in living a more fulfilled, joyful, and aligned life. This course is designed to support you in becoming the very best version of yourself with clarity, confidence, and commitment to always improving. These are here for you to access whenever you want, on demand. It’s about building out your toolkit and giving you the resources to reinforce everything we’ve talked about already. These courses will be your DAILY inspirational change through self-paced learning and recordings.

When you join, you will immediately receive access to three jam-packed courses.


  • Affirmations That Work - yes there is a science behind how to best create and utilize affirmations.
  • Breathing/Breathwork - because breathing affects your physiology which affects your state and determines your performance.
  • Design Your Life - With goals, intentions, and habits that allow you to live a life by design and not by default.
  • Listen To Your Language - The words you say (both internally and externally) are more important than you may realize. Your language can be a guide to your unconscious patterns and behaviors. Words have POWER, and when you change your words your world will change!
  • Physical Tools - Such as anchors, tapping, havening, somatic release, personal massage, neuro-linking and so much more….

Mindfulness Meditations

In my opinion, the best way to describe mindfulness is the counter or opposite to what we have deemed and considered to be normal in the 21st century. We are living our everyday lives berated by thoughts, judgments, doubts, and frankly, data overload in a way like never before.

You will find value in this course if you notice that you are:

  • Ruminating about the past...
  • Worrying about the future...
  • Imagining potential problems that might never happen...
  • Creating solutions you never need...

Perhaps you’re always planning on what to do next in your day while being upset that you haven’t finished what you started yesterday. When you’re at work you may be worried about family and when you’re with family you can’t stop thinking about work.

The truth is, you're wearing too many hats, spinning too many plates in the air. Maybe you feel like you are dropping the ball and just in survival mode. You know you're on your way to full-on burnout or have already reached rock bottom.

You see, mindfulness is our ability to become aware of when our mind is drifting away and then make the choice to turn our attention to the present moment. Gently and firmly redirecting your attention to something that’s safe, secure, productive, and effective. Mindfulness is savoring each moment by intentionally drawing your attention to the 5 gifts that are our senses. Become present in the present moment and really enjoy the presence of the present that is right now! 

Hypnotic Experiences

Your unconscious mind stores all your memories, bodily functions, feelings, emotions, and beliefs. You’ll hear me say this often if you haven’t heard it already: “All Hypnosis is meditative but not all meditations are hypnotic”.

Hypnosis truly is effective as we use specifically targeted techniques to simultaneously activate and address even lifelong issues that can be released and dissolved in a matter of minutes.

Included Courses


Self-care is one of the most important skills to develop and harness as a resource you can use anytime and anywhere! This tool kit will teach you how to let go of the past, prepare for the future, and be aware of the moment. You will get the cognitive knowledge and actionable plan you need to live a life by design, not just by default, as you become introspective and self-reliant.

Over 40 lessons and lectures to allow you to take back control and give yourself the self-care you need. 

New lessons and lectures are added each month!

  • Breathing/Breathwork
  • Listen to Your Language
  • Design Your Life
  • Tapping
  • Affirmations That Work
  • Stories and Metaphors


Mindfulness Meditations

Mindfulness is our ability to become aware of when our mind is drifting away and then make the choice to turn our attention to the present moment. Throughout these Mindfulness Meditations, we will focus on effortlessly increasing our awareness intentionally drawing our attention to all 5 senses as we become aware of our thoughts, right now at this moment.

This library has over 50 tracks specifically designed to help you become more mindful throughout your life.  

New meditations are added each month!

  • Quick Breaks - Shift your immediate moods, sensations, feelings, or discomfort for fast change. (under 10 min.)
  • Reset - Drop into a deep sense of restful and restorative rejuvenation throughout your day. (under 20 min.)
  • Escape - Tap into your core and make permanent and deep changes that give you more choice, freedom, and confidence throughout your day. (20+ min.) 

Hypnotic Experiences

Hypnosis is a form of deep trance-like focus that allows your unconscious mind to make permanent changes as you take back control over those parts of life that may have seemed beyond your control before. Hypnosis uses specifically targeted techniques to simultaneously activate and address even lifelong issues releasing and dissolving them in a matter of minutes.

Over 60 hypnotic experiences that will go beneath the surface for real and powerful change. 

New hypnotic experiences are added each month!

  • Allergies
  • Anxiety
  • Balance
  • Chakra Balance
  • Confidence
  • Dental
  • Financial Abundance
  • Nail Biting
  • Physical Wellbeing
  • Sleep 
  • Stop Smoking 

Live Virtual Personal Hypnosis Session

Allowing you to stay focused on your big goals and life events so you can receive all you desire. When you step into the UnconsciousU program you will recognize how we can work together to shape the rest of your life.

The truth is, you’ve gotten this far on your own and now it’s time to receive the support you need to take you to the next level. I know that as you connect more deeply to yourself and walk the walk you will have a greater impact on the world around you and connect with others in a truly meaningful way. It's time to recognize that you don’t have to do this alone, we can shift this together!

Together we will create the change in your Unconscious Mind, that will allow you to apply the practice within your daily life so the change becomes a routine as you integrate, and implement that shift allowing your results to be inevitable!

My mission is to create safe spaces for individuals and groups to gain clarity, instill unshakable core confidence, and change conscious and unconscious patterns. 


Allowing you to shift your perspective, get out of your own way, and create new results, so you can effortlessly achieve your dreams and desires, ultimately having a greater impact in the world!

 What people are saying...

"Jessica is a powerhouse. She brings fine eyes, ears, and intuition to clients. She helped me to get more laser-focused on my business and the purpose I serve through it. Her framing of what I shared landed with me deeply and helped me to refresh and create a powerful clearing from which to act. Sometimes we hear the same things over and over again, only to have needed to have heard them in a specific way to truly land."

- Marina H.

"An above-and-beyond collaborative partner, Jessica maintains a professional attitude while paying personal attention to your individual needs. Efficient and assertive when need be, Jessica always puts your needs as the client first. Let her help you help yourself towards a more secure future."

- Samantha S.

"Working with Jessica has been a game-changer for me. We hit the ground running right from the start, and I continue to be supported, empowered, and loved ever since. Jessica has an amazing ability to truly hear my needs, even when I am uncertain of them at first. Her calm and charismatic approach helps me breathe when I feel overwhelmed. She provides heartfelt and thoughtful feedback that is purposeful and supportive, which has helped me reach new levels. Since working together, I am able to make clear and confident decisions, even when things seem complicated. I highly recommend working with Jessica."

- Amanda H.

"Jessica is intuitive, compassionate, and very skilled. She seems to know exactly what it is that I need in every session, but never fails to ask me at the start of each session. Each week, I marvel at the calm I am able to achieve during and after our session and wish I had begun this process sooner. I recommend Jessica to everyone. Her approach is down to earth and relatable, despite her clear skills and experience. I look forward to every session and how I feel afterward.

- Jacky H.

"Jessica really changed my life! Our coaching conversation pulled me out of a dark period and gave me choices when I felt I had none. I am the most content I have been in ages filled with gratitude. Even though my situation is the same the shift has been reaching for behaviors to trigger how I want to feel. I can't thank Jessica enough, she is a true lightworker. So incredibly grateful!"

- Liz W.

"Jessica's hypnosis session and track have helped me tremendously to gain confidence in many areas of my life that I thought were lost or very hard to find. Thanks to it, I have been able to connect with my true self-worth. Listening to her lovely and peaceful voice, my mind and body relax almost instantly to a state of complete peace, feeling calm and at ease. Most importantly, feeling empowered to take the next step forward. Thank you, Jessica!"

- Mariela GC.

"Working with Jessica was really helpful. She is highly skilled, present, focused, intuitive, and clearly has done a lot of her own work so she is able to flow with what the client needs on that day."

- Janet H.

"Jessica Shada is incredibly talented! She has already helped me improve several areas that I wanted to work on. I highly recommend her hypnotherapy sessions. She is professional and very talented, and most of all I trust her completely!"

- Anonymous 

12 Payments of $67


  • 1 Live Virtual Personal Hypnotherapy Session

  • UnconsciousU Self Library Including:

    • Self-Care

    • Mindfulness Meditation

    • Hypnotic Experience

  • BONUS:
    • Self-Hypnosis - This course will guide you through how to best utilize self-hypnosis for personal and permanent change.
    • NOTE: This Self-Hypnosis course is a special bonus offer that is only available through the UnconsciousU Membership Program and Community

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Beach Vacation - Hypnotic Experience

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